Industrial electric Ovens

Pyromaitre Ovens : Uniform, Easy and Consistent

Pyromaitre Electric Conveyor Ovens are designed to meet each customer’s specific production requirements. Pyro Industrial Electric Ovens and furnaces offer a unique technology that maximizes productivity with leaner energy consumption.

The compact design also saves on floor space and morning startup time. Our product line offers a wide range of plug-and-play industrial stress relieving and tempering ovens with multiple applications and operating requirement solutions.

custom ovens
custom ovens
custom ovens
custom conveyor oven
custom ovens
custom ovens
custom ovens

Features & Benefits of our Electric Conveyor Ovens

Cuts cycle time from 3 to 10 fold.

CQI-9 Compliant (Optional).

Heavy duty construction, proven reliability (3-year warranty on parts).

Easy Opening.

Energy savings up to 25%.

High velocity motors and fans, increased uniformity with less scrap.

Floor space savings up to 70%.

Most durable heating elements on the market, unmatched performance and productivity (5-year warranty on heating elements).

Explore the difference of the Pyromaitre industrial electric ovens. The powerful compact design and precision controls get the job done day in and day out. Pyro ovens are the power machines that meet all performance targets with ease through unique technology and are designed specifically to fulfill all of your production needs.

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