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/ Pyromaitre has built a strong reputation for its customer support  /

Pyromaitre has built a strong reputation for its customer support. The Pyro service team has only one goal: get you back in production as fast as possible. When you purchase Pyro equipment, Pyro’s service department follows the same premium quality standards and makes sure you have the industrial oven parts you need.


/ We are here for you! /

For immediate support please call +1 800 231-7976 (PYRO) and follow the instructions for assistance 24/7.

For any other questions, email our service department and we will reply quickly.

Customer login

/ Get access to exclusive information /

When you login to your customer zone, you’ll find a list of your Pyro ovens identified by serial number and a list of replacement parts available for each model. There are also illustrations, trouble-shooting videos and the operator’s manual.


/ We provide replacement parts for your industrial oven /

Contact us if you need replacement for your industrial oven parts:

Call us directly +1 800 231-7976 (PYRO)
Contact our service department
Access your Customer Login

It is our priority to get you back in production as soon as possible if you have a problem. We understand your production costs. If we don’t have a part in stock or can’t get it to you fast enough, we’ll provide you with the part number to help you find it locally. Our service team will provide you with anything you need from drawings, over-the-phone service, remote access and custom videos to help you with the replacement of your industrial oven parts.



/ Get a full support /


Pyromaitre’s priority is to provide personalized support for our customers. Our team can help you in many areas:

Oven installation
Commissioning and Training
Upgrading oven capacity
Optimizing product consistency
Reducing equipment footprint
Developing high-speed processes
Optimizing plant layout/production line (Lean Manufacturing)
Simulation Software training
Efficiency optimization, diagnosis and preventive maintenance


/ Simple and guided maintenance /

Maintenance of Pyro ovens is quite simple. The operator manual contains all the information needed and stickers on the oven help explain the steps. Gas ovens require a bit more care than electric ovens, but the optional Siemens PLC can pre-program maintenance reminders to make the job easier. Pyro’s R&D is exploring predictive maintenance measures.


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