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Pyromaitre began with Mario Grenier’s family, who  were making kilns for the arts and crafts industry. Mario worked for his uncle while studying psychology and audiology in university. When his uncle retired, Mario bought his uncle’s equipment and continued building furnaces as a sideline while completing his studies.

Mario’s entrepreneurial side rapidly took the lead and he devoted all his energies to Pyromaitre, rapidly developing a reputation as a creative problem solver. This became the essence of Pyromaitre.


Pyromaitre becomes a registered company

Full-time operations
Pyromaitre builds and sells paint- and varnish-curing ovens to ABP, Celco, ISE, Dutellier and Manchester Wood.

First stress relieving oven
This was the first encounter with the spring industry. Liberty Spring, located in Montmagny, Quebec, was the first spring company for which Pyromaitre developed a stress relief oven. Many more were to follow.

First gas ovens
Pyromaitre builds its first gas-fired oven, which became emblematic of Pyromaitre’s expertise.

First in-line stress relief oven
During validation of the process, an important discovery was made: high-speed processing reduced dimensional variations. Moreover, out-of-tolerance and scrap parts were all but eliminated.


Getting known in the US market
Pyromaitre participates in the CASMI show in Chicago for the first time.

First major oven contracts
Winning its first major oven contracts with international customers like Dowty Aerospace and Gec Alshtom was a major milestone for Pyromaitre.

Pyromaitre creates a heat transfer simulation software, the Pyrograph, helping customers develop and implement high-speed stress relieving methodologies and processes.

Approved by General Motors
Pyromaitre gets its high-speed stress relieving process approved by GM for valve springs, thus establishing its place in the automotive industry.

ISO 9001:2000 compliance
Pyromaitre quickly understood the importance of this certification and predicted that it would become essential in the industry. Certification has since remained part of Pyromaitre’s commitment to quality.

High-speed tempering
Pyromaitre develops high-speed tempering ovens for the Ford Motor Company, opening the market for processing CV joints and hot-wound coil springs.


Business award
Pyromaitre receives the Quebec SME award (for small and medium businesses).

Pyromaitre travels to the Orient
Pyromaitre begins selling in India through a licencing agreement.

High-speed stress relieving system sold in Japan
Pyromaitre sells its first high-speed stress relieving system to a Japanese spring manufacturer, Quality spring Togo. The same year, Visteon follows with high-speed tempering ovens for vacuum carburized and gas quenched transmission gears.

High-speed tempering
The first high-speed tempering system is sold to a Japanese manufacturer, NTN Driveshaft. Visteon follows the same year, purchasing high-speed tempering ovens for Ford F-150 axle shafts. Soon after, Shaeffler-LuK purchases multiple systems for stress relieving and warm forming of arc springs.

Leaf spring tempering and arrival in China
Pyromaitre sells its first leaf-spring-tempering system to Triangle Suspension Systems. The same year, a licensing agreement is signed for selling, marketing and manufacturing  Pyromaitre products in China.

Market development
Pyromaitre expands its automotive-customer portfolio with systems sold to Caterpillar, Magna, Linamar, Arvin Meritor and Valeo.

Navigating and innovating through the recession
Like most enterprises, Pyromaitre experienced difficult times during the financial crisis of 2008 to 2012. Nevertheless, a solar-panel-lamination project allowed the company to survive and evolve.


PS series
The introduction of the new PS series was a turning point for Pyromaitre. This new design with its rounded features and integrated vestibule replaced the conventional hood, radically improving the efficiency of heat treatment.

Market recovery
Pyromaitre emerges from the recession with a series of new orders, a testament of customers’ confidence and trust.

Dynamic heat-loss-control
Pyromaitre delivers its first oven with a dynamic heat-loss-control system.

Dynamic heat distribution
Pyromaitre delivers its first gas oven equipped with dynamic heat distribution system. They also introduce a removable hood concept in order to facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

Focusing on customers’ needs and planning for the future
New members reinforce the management team as the company founder gradually retires from day-to-day operations. Focus is put on product standardization and manufacturing-process improvements. Pyromaitre also develops user-friendly features to facilitate heat-treatment control and understanding.

Pyro delivers its first oven with a standardized PLC control panel as a standard feature.

Initiating succession
Key managers acquire a large part of the shares and control of the organization.

Development of new and complementary features
While expanding its selection of industrial ovens, Pyromaitre also develops cooling systems, conveyors and other accessories, to improve the efficiency of heat-treatment operations. Pyromaitre also delivers its first electric oven equipped with a rapid cooling system and easy opening hood to facilitate cleaning.

Business succession, R & D and business development
Management is successfully handed over to key managers and the next generation. Pyromaitre commits research and development to oven fluid-dynamics-analysis in order to improve the efficiency of its products. Pyromaitre boosts sales by more than 40%, confirming its market recognition.

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