Why pyro?

/ Pyro is the best in class when it comes to heat treatment /


/ Enjoy high efficiency features /

All Pyro ovens come standard with:

+/-5°C (+/-10°F) uniformity
Temperature Profile upon delivery
540°C (1000°F) Max operating temperature
5-Year warranty on Tubular heating elements (electric ovens)
3-Year on all other parts
Heat treatment Technology
Pyrograph Simulation Software
Lifetime Trouble Shooting Support


/ Control activity and meet CQI-9 requirements /

Pyromaitre’s ovens are known as the best choice when it comes to meeting CQI-9 oven requirements. All ovens come standard with +/-5°C (+/-10°F) uniformity. You can choose which recorder best suits your needs.

Euroterm Nanodac and Siemens PLC are the standard recorders offered by Pyro.

Extracting the data has never been simpler with the USB, Ethernet and SD ports. For manufacturers with multiple ovens, test jacks to validate the Thermocouple reading via the access ports speed up the process. CQI-9 Compliance Package and remote access via Wi-Fi are available upon request.



/ We offer other useful features /

Cooling Chambers
Siemens PLC :

– Allows programing of recipes
– Remote control
– Remote trouble shooting
– Data recording
– Timer (automatic start up/ shut off)
– Customizable Maintenance Reminder
Inlet and Outlet Chutes
Inlet and Outlet Conveyor Extensions
Loading/Unloading Sensors

Various Voltages
Intelligent Torque Limiter :

– This safety feature prevents potential damage on the conveyor should parts become stuck
– As opposed to standard offerings, the intelligent torque limiter will detect if one part gets stuck whether the oven is full or empty, thus preventing damage.

Various belt types :

– Closed, open and/or chain-driven weave
– V or A shaped conveyor (ideal for automatic loading of suspension springs)
– V-Block Conveyor (for shafts or torsion tubes/bar)

Dynamic Heat Loss Control System (Electric Ovens) :

– Removal of the heat retention curtains allows small and lighter parts to get through without getting stuck.
– Self-calibrating maintains temperature uniformity in the oven quickly regardless of its surroundings (ex: fan to cool the operator).
– Continuous operation reduces the heat losses at both ends of the oven for improved energy efficiency.

Rapid Cooling :

– Increases production flexibility: Should you switch alloy and need a lower temperature, this feature will speed up the process.
– Reduces the temperature by 100°C (212°F) in 5 minutes or less depending on the oven models.

Dynamic Heat Distribution System (Gas Ovens)

– Motorized dampers constantly and optimally adjust the heat distribution within the treatment chamber whatever the load and process parameters, as opposed to Static Dampers that guide the heat from the combustion chamber to the treating chamber, which are not ideal for certain processes.
– Oven calibrates itself in real time whatever the load is. Ideal for production loads that change.
– Accelerates the process while preventing any temperature drop at the beginning of a production, for better consistency.
– Helps to reduce temperature quickly for better production versatility when combined with the Rapid Cooling.
Speeds up the oven start-up because it brings heat where it needs to be.

High Speed Technology

/ Why choose Pyromaître’s technology /

Pyromaitre has developed and designed ovens that are capable of stress relieving and tempering parts faster (up to 10 times faster) while maintaining the same or better part properties and consistency. When most recipes were developed in the 1930s with baskets in batch ovens, heat transfer uniformity was almost inexistent, and controls were imprecise. The solution for improving the parts properties was to increase the processing time. However, at that time, the cost of work space, energy and labour were much lower than they are today. In the 1970s, Japanese developed a conveyor design. Many manufacturers still use outdated recipes while manufacturing becomes increasingly competitive. Pyromaitre’s ovens are precise and versatile, allowing users to eliminate the guess work by reducing or eliminating soak time.

Thanks to our ovens and technology, our customers have profited from many advantages over the last 30 years:

70% savings in floor-space;
90% setup-time savings and the resulting potential for production increase;
 Potential to reduce and even eliminate soak time (as many studies and customer’s reports show it is possible to get good parts faster).



/ Make the most of our strong warranty /


All equipment suppliers pretend to have the best machinery, but rare are those who stand behind their products the way we do:

5 Year warranty on Tubular Heating Elements (Electric Ovens)
3 Year warranty on all other parts
Unlimited remote support
24/7 emergency line


/ A constant quest to improve /

Many people see ovens as simple heating boxes that haven’t evolved in the last 50 years. But Pyromaitre is in a constant quest to improve. We invest 5% of our turnover to Research and Development. We use a variety of Computational Fluid Dynamics software (CFD) to better understand and optimize our ovens. Some of the projects that we have successfully commercialized are the Dynamic Heat Loss Control System, the Dynamic Heat Distribution System, and Rapid Cooling. Other projects allow us to optimize oven designs by calculating fan pressure with various speeds and fan diameters, to optimize uniformity and much more.



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