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Pyromaître’s blog aims to present aspects, but also the metallurgical issues that Pyromaître’s specialists encounter during its daily activities. It likewise has the goal to stimulate exchanges and questions on various spheres of the metallurgical field. Sometimes, you will find basic texts some others will be more technical, but all to generate ideas and development tracks. Comment, share it and make it live!

Lean Manufacturing Strategies for Tempering

If you’re like me, you might be wondering why special management philosophy is needed to achieve such a common-sense goal. The answer might just be that manufacturing has not changed, but the market it serves has. Craft production is the popular term used to describe...

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Pyro Case Files – Continuous Rapid Tempering

Continuous Rapid Tempering of an Induction hardened Crank shaft The case file describes the introduction of a Pyromaitre Continuous Conveyor Oven to temper Induction hardened Forged Steel Crank shafts rapidly in less than an hour (cycle time -In to Out).  This...

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Pyro Case Files – Applications of Rapid Heating

Rapid heating is the process by which a material can be heated to precise temperatures in a short period of time, and it has many uses. This article will summarize how PYRO Rapid Heat Transfer transfers heat to metal parts using an ultrahigh rate air convection...

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How to cut quenched steel without altering its data

One of the challenges we face when analyzing steel parts such as springs is their complex geometrical configurations. It is therefore difficult, dare I say impossible in the case of springs, to directly assess the latter and measure their hardness. In the best of...

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How does tempering steel ease the effects of quenching?

As I attempted to explain in my previous blog, carbon, an element composed of one of the smallest atoms, is capable of moving freely throughout the atomic structure which is mainly made up of iron, if we give it enough thermal energy and a little time. When rapidly...

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Steel tempering: An overview

Today’s scientists in the field of metallurgy know that when you take a piece of steel and heat it to a bright yellow, its mechanical properties undergo enormous changes. Thereafter, 3 options are available: the part can be stored in a oven that is turned off for...

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For industrial oven heat distribution, uniformity is key

For an industrial oven manufacturer, the toughest challenge is obviously making sure that the heat is evenly distributed. It would be wrong to think that this is better achieved by batch ovens than by conveyor belt ovens. The laws of physics being infallible, many...

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Before purchasing an industrial oven

Manufacturing an industrial oven does not require understanding the subtleties of quantum physics! My guess is that some people in our industry still believe that the mechanical design of an industrial oven basically consists of a box made out of sheet metal and some...

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Edgar Bain, father of the modern heat treatments

Cited in every reference material on the subject, Edgar Bain, between the two World Wars, wrote the book on modern metallurgy.His works describing the many heat treatment processes (particularly tempering and stress relieving) remain relevant to this day in the...

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What follows quenching?

The processes involved in steel quenching and tempering are as old as time. For the last 3000 years, we’ve known that rapid quenching of a red hot sickle blade in whale oil improves its mechanical properties, which nevertheless remain weak upon usage, unless the blade...

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Our metallurgical approach

The auto part construction industry is booming and constantly evolving. Because production parameters for these types of parts call for increasingly advanced technology, our processes must be continuously optimised to the max to maintain our pole position ahead of the...

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The scientific cornerstones of our expertise

To understand the underlying principles of our heat treatment processes, please read the relevant documentation on the subject in the Customer Reports section of our website. Allow me to introduce the fundamental principles supporting our innovative approach, namely,...

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Welcome to Pyromaître!

Welcome! This is my first attempt at the wonderful world of blogging. Because of the growing demand for free expert advice of all kinds, my blogs will focus on certain specific heat treatments, particularly stress relief and tempering. Pyromaître manufactures ovens...

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