Manufacturing an industrial oven does not require understanding the subtleties of quantum physics! My guess is that some people in our industry still believe that the mechanical design of an industrial oven basically consists of a box made out of sheet metal and some heating elements, or a gas burner similar to that of their BBQ…

Here are a few suggestions to try and change their way of thinking, because before deciding on who will manufacture your next heat treatment ovens, you first have to be sure of some things BEFORE the oven is up and running so as not to run into recurring problems down the line.

First of all, a quality industrial oven has several temperature adjustment and maintenance controls in form of deflectors for the different heating zones as well as computer-controlled heat sensors to optimize the heating treatment temperature to ±10ºC. In this regard, Pyromaître’s specs are more accurate than are those of CQI-91 standards (±5ºC or ± 10ºF). This ensures that the parts we treat correspond exactly to our clients’ specs.

Certified documents guarantee that your investment matches your technical requirements. These documents must be provided to and accepted by the buyer and their specific standards.

Make sure that the manufacturer in question is available for any post-sale adjustments, as parameters such as gas quality, average ambient temperature (which can vary from one area to another on the planet), and even the altitude where the oven is used may have a direct impact on the quality of the combustion or the heat transfer by electrical components.

A high-quality oven means avoiding a ton of problems – and saving you time and money.

1 CQI-9 AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group). Special Process: Heat Treatment System Assessment (3rd ed.). 2011.

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