Pyromaître, the history behind the industrial ovens manufacturer

mario grenier

Mario Grenier, Founder of Pyromaître

Pyromaître got its roots from Mario’s uncle who made kilns for the arts and crafts industry. Mario worked with his uncle while attending university. After his uncle retired, Mario bought all the equipment and continued the business as a sideline to his fulltime job as a Psychologist and Audiologist. However after only 3 years in his learned profession, the creativity and challenge of entrepreneurialship won him over and made ovens full time. Gradually an interesting variety of industrial applications presented themselves and Mario’s reputation as a creative problem solver began to spread in the Quebec region.

The first encounter with the spring stress relief industry took place in 1986. As his relationship with his customer base solidified and grew, he received in 1989 a request to develop an in-line stress-relieving machine. It was then that high-speed stress relief was born.


Pyromaître registeres as a company

Part-time business


First stress relieving oven is built for Liberty Spring.


First in-line stress relieving oven is built.

First in-line stress relieving oven is built. During validation, it is discovered that high-speed processing produces reduced dimensional variations. Out of tolerance or scrap parts are all but eliminated.


First major oven contracts

Won first major oven contracts with Airbus, Dowty Aerospace, and Gec Alshthom.


Approved by General Motors

High-speed stress relieving process approved by General Motors for valve springs.


High-speed tempering

First high-speed tempering ovens sold to Ford Motor Company for CV Joints and hot wound coil springs.


Won the provincial small business SME award.


High-speed stress relieving system

First high-speed stress relieving system sold to a Japanese spring manufacturer, Quality Spring Togo. Visteon purchases high-speed tempering ovens for vacuum carburized and gas quenched transmission gears.


Leaf spring tempering system

First leaf spring tempering system sold to Triangle Suspension Systems. Signed licensing agreement with Powermax Furnaces of Shanghai, China for the sale, marketing, and manufacture of Pyromaitre products for the Chinese market.


High Speed Solar Lamination Systems

Pyro always on the lookout for auxiliary applications that are innovative and lean transferring processes.


Business as Usual

Pyro resumes normal stress relieving and tempering with a dearth of new orders from new and old customers.


Pyromaître full-time business

Started with the building of paint and varnish curing ovens for the paint and varnish curing. Systems delivered to ABP, Celco, ISE, Dutellier, and Manchester Wood.


First gas fired oven is built.


Pyromaitre at the CASMI show in Chicago

First high-speed stress relieving oven is presented by Pyromaitre as an industrial ovens manufacturer at the CASMI show in Chicago, IL.



Developed PyroGraph heat transfer simulation software. Helps customers develop and implement high-speed stress relieving methodologies/techniques/processes.


Achieved ISO 9001:2000 compliance.


Won the provincial small business SME award.


Licensing agreement with Hightemp Furnaces India

Signed licensing agreement with Hightemp Furnaces of Bangalore, India for the sale, marketing, and manufacture of Pyromaitre products for the Indian market. Visteon purchases high-speed tempering oven for Mustang axle shafts.


High-speed tempering system

First high-speed tempering system sold to a Japanese manufacturer, NTN Driveshaft. Visteon purchases large high-speed tempering oven for F-150 axle shafts. Shaeffler-LuK purchases multiple systems for stress relieving and warm forming of arc springs.


Increasing Sales

Expanding customer list includes Caterpillar, Magna, Linamar, Arvin Meritor and Valeo.


Hard Times

Solar Lamination project lasted 3 years and kept Pyromaître afloat during the financial crisis and market turn-down of 2008 – 2009. Pyromaître gained substantial data, experience and know-how, which will be an advantage once the solar industry expands.

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