Pyromaitre ovens lineup

The Pyromaitre equipment product line consists of more than 20 different state-of-the-art industrial ovens and furnaces. Our robust ovens set a new benchmark for the industry. Tell us your application and we will surpass your present productivity. Our ovens are specifically designed to be user friendly and competitive in the market.

Industrial Electric Ovens

Pyromaitre has several strong industrial electric ovens allowing your industry to increase their productivity. Besides getting a high yield of productivity, our electric ovens allow your company to save more than 25 % of the usually consumed energy. So, thanks to our expertise, we offer you guaranteed heating elements for 5 years. Take a look a tour electric ovens page !

Industrial Gas Ovens

Our industrial gas ovens get excellent results because they have a high performance burners system and an uniform and optimal distribution system of the heat. In this way, the processes of optimal stress reduction and tempering can be made easily. Take a look at our gas ovens page !

Industrial Custom Ovens

Since 1981, Pyromaitre tries ceaselessly to innovate in our heat treatment ovens manufacturing so that companies can take advantage of a high-end technology. That is why we have a huge diversity of custom-made ovens for you. Take a look at our custom ovens page !

Corporate presentation

Corporate presentation

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